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September 10, 2005


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Closely related to this, I also love the 'Empty Paris' project: http://tecfa.unige.ch/perso/staf/nova/blog/2005/07/20/empty-paris-pictures/

Tony Walsh

What a weird coincidence... I just watched that "ruined Paris" episode of Tripods last Tuesday, so I immediately recognized the pic accompanying your blog entry. That particular episode of Tripods features a lot of matte paintings and fake backdrops--considering this was all pre-CG, the effects were pretty good.


Thanks, Icon. Added that to the original post.

How is the show, Tony? I loved the books when I was a kid.

Tony Walsh

The series is pretty good, considering when it was made and the low budget. I read the books so long ago that I don't really remember how closely the series follows the text. One thing is clear, however: The TV series needed better editing. Some loooong, uneeded shots and awkward silences in there. I'm watching the episodes in bi-weekly installments with some old high-school chums. Yay, geekdom!

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