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September 28, 2005


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Otis Gospodnetic

I noticed there was no mention of Simpy in your other entry on social bookmarks. It may be worth checking out, and you may even find its blog interesting (I'm about to present some studies about use of tags and such in Simpy).

Zeev Barkan

You are invited to take a look at QTSaver, Web 2.0 microcontent engine that remixes text.
QTSaver extracts multiple large chunks of microcontent from a single source from popular search engine sites.
QTSaver represents search results in a more human way. Instead of the current web searching which can be very tedious - receiving vast number of results, going into websites, checking them out, locating the relevant information, storing it somewhere - QTSaver displays a single Search-Engine-Results-Page with the most relevant information.
Please go to http://qtsaver.dynalias.com/
You can also get a lot of background information on my Blog

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