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October 06, 2005


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IGDA Online Games Quarterly has a roundtable discussion on that very question:

Chris: Although there were a number of games released during 2004 that helped to shift the profile of an 'average' MMOG player, the majority of MMOG gamers are late-teen to twenty-something males who play for more than 20 hours a week.

Won Il: In Korea, the player profiles vary greatly according to genre. South Korea has a very healthy user pool of players in their early teens or even younger. As for gender, males occupy 70~80% of the MMOG gaming population and for more casual games, our user base ranges from younger school children to men and women in their thirties.

Bill: In China players are usually male, teens to early 20's, at least a high school degree. Good demographic data on Chinese gamers is hard to come by, though the general consensus is that the Chinese MMO population is 85+% male, and skews younger than the US. One notable Chinese characteristic is that there is a population of players who are unemployed and actually play these games for a living, earning several hundred US dollars per month trading in virtual goods and currency.

Robin: Well, Second Life is not your average MMOG! Our users tend to be a widely diverse group. Nearly half are female, the average age is just over 30, and a large percentage (about 20%) are from over 50 countries outside the US, with the UK and Canada having the largest non-US representation.

Matt: There really is no "average" MMO game player. As far as we can tell, other than being mostly male (although far more females play MMOs that almost any other game type), our demographics go all over the place. Of course because we are a computer game, our average player is around 18-34 years of age, but we do have lots of children and older players as well. It's a hard group to pin down.

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