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October 15, 2005


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Tony Walsh

I played and reviewed Halo 2 last year, but didn't find it particularly innovative on any front. Simply playing an "enemy" version of the main character isn't all that original. What would have been more groundbreaking is to involve a completely different style of play on the opposite side.

Bungie, the makers of Halo, have featured unavoidable role reversal and strange alliances in their games--notably, their older "Marathon" and "Myth" series. Halo actually contains a number of similarities to the Marathon universe in terms of its fiction.


Hi, I just wanted to make the point that Halo 2 really is all about the multi-player game play on Live. I am a chick and I am totally hooked on Halo but I didn't get hooked on Live until after Halo 2.


Of course. Starcraft. Duh. Human / Zerg / Protoss in the original, Protoss / Human / Zerg in Brood War.


The game Natural Selection is one example of a game that players are sort of required (by virtue of a limited number of slots on each side) to play both sides. A different style of play is necessary, too, as the two sides are human soldiers and alien creatures/animals. The alien perspective is quite creatively done...more than just a different way of seeing the world.

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