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October 12, 2005


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Harold Jarche

as a friend of mine said; it should be called BlackWeb - more technology, less learning


Yeah, I'm not excited by this. On the plus side, the administration isn't either and are thinking about a possible change.


Laura, what are you guys looking at/to - Moodle, Sakai?

Harold, that sounds like the name of a band, or a blog - yes, a block to watch this new thing.


I haven't had time to blog on this yet--finishing up staff annual evaluations and two searches, oh my--but I can testify from a recent Bb sales encounter that their FUD campaign was in full force the instant I said the two words "open source." Their response was ignorant and borderline insulting. That is to say, it was telling.

We are looking very hard at Sakai here. We are also thinking hard about next-gen. CMSs--i.e., maybe it's the learning that needs stimulating instead of the course that needs managing.

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