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November 04, 2005


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Steve Higgins

This photo is stolen from my website and the copright line at the bottom of the photo has been editted out.

The photo is Crown Copyright and can only be reproduced with written permission from the Ministry of Defence. I had to go through a long process to gain the permission to display the photos on my website.


Yikes. I didn't know about that annoying process, Steve. As someone who has gone through hundreds of such processes with IP holders around the world, I sympathize.

This is a classic case of copyright being burdensome and not very useful. Think: beyond illustrating a link and some text I wrote, the image also leads readers to that site. It can only mean additional interest, and not a shred of monetary reward in my direction. I could claim fair use, but...

Classic copyright problem. Very consonant with letter and spirit of copyright laws and policies.


not fair that if we were in a nucler war we would all die just because of the royal family so we have to die for them

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