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December 08, 2005


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Ulises Sarry


I am the author of the book: "The Aio report", a documented study on the Roman walls of Lugo, with a special dedication to topology, geometry and military engineering.

It is also a denunciation of the form as it is interpreted today, the fortress, by the "active forces and the official institutions". (To see: "The Chinese Tower ", clear sample of a rooted error).

The book tries to demonstrate that the Roman wall was an unconquerable technological strength, that their towers had a essential function and like, its only existence, horrifies to those "overwhelming institutions".

The last remainders of the towers disappeared in 1836, when the wall was adapted for the modern war. The time and lack of memory they caused erroneous current military interpretation.

See: http://www.3dnauta.com

See ROMAN WALL of LUGO (Trilogy)

IN PRAESENTIA (The Aio report) PRESENT of the wall and its documented links.

If this study satisfies you, I would thank for to you a commentary to this report, since it exists, that I know until now, none really military interpretation of our "World Heritage Monument".

In an affirmative case I would be enchanted to include your inestimable collaboration. Naturally referenced and without violating your intellectual property or rights of author.

If this message were not well directed, could you guide to me correctly if possible?...

Thank you in advance, and pardon for my very limited English

Ulises Sarry
Rio Eume 58, 1
27004 Lugo
034-982 214 4913

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