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December 26, 2005


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Edward Vielmetti

Thanks Bryan and thanks for the updates. Arborwiki is a collective project with a number of people making contributions as all good wikis are. I set down the streetscape along the lines of a personal wiki I once maintained just for myself to keep track of some comings and goings.

I think the "every street its own page" idea has some merits as a wiki structure - it certainly prevents you from ever thinking that you are done with the project.


Chiming in from highway 65 somewhere south of Indianapolis from my geekberry here, Redmomoko and I are returning from a walk in Muskatatuck park. I'm glad Bryan is back in Ann Arbor, howsoever briefly, for he is truly one of that citys central infosprawl Loas.
The students have not offered enough flagons of mountain dew in tribute and so some bookstores have closed. But many remain. I used to prefer Underworld, but now have come to be fond of Vault of Midnight.

Hope to increase background levels of fun by catching up with him at the mighty fastness of Castle Greykitten on Wednesday eve.

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