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January 30, 2006


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Oh man. I say Alan use this same footage around 1995. I like his talks very much, but he either has to get an updated schtick, or he has to actually have an effect on the world so that he moves the bars. Everybody who does the circuit has stock material, but that's rediculous.


Nuts. The misspelling of ridiculous undercuts my argument. O, the irony. :-)


This is my first time seeing Alan Kay, so I didn't detect repetition. I quarrel with his representation of narrative as bullshit (yes, I understand he was joking, though not entirely) and wish he hadn't been so dismissive of religion, but I also found it very compelling to hear him talk about the old problem of the One and the Many. He wasn't talking about non-universal truths so much as he was talking about "powerful ideas" that had been invented and were not cross-cultural ("universal"). The larger question of whether all powerful ideas were equal was not answered, but his notion of education as training in powerful ideas (including slow, deep thinking) was very, well, powerful.

Kate Riley

His quote about American high schools echoes what I noticed my half-way through my third year of college..."Wow, I've about caught up with my Mom's high school education."

How can I express how much that sucks and makes me mad??

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