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February 07, 2006


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Bryan Alexander

Okay, we've got most of the castle peices, but where can we get the tentacles? Our son wants to know.

Ceredwyn Alexander

Sorry, the above was me. oops


Can we use Doc Ock's?

This page has some more, too:

I love my family.

Mark Stafford (Nabii)

The small tentacles come with a Harry Potter set - the one with a big spider. The bigger ones come with a Lego Alpha Team set called 'Ogels Mutant Squid' - it cost about $10 when new. The red one used as a tongue is a Dragon tail from the current Lego Viking range.

The strange mouth is made of Five Jar-Jar Binks heads!


Ah, many thanks, Mark (Nabii). I will plan purchases accordingly. :)

David Crossword

Well, i must say i'm amazed! I like the way youve added Cthulhu. Our dear Cthulhu doesn't seem to have taken being woken up very well..Also, i saw a few familiar faces in youre creation too: Sam Sinister, a Dalek, Doctor who and Rose tyler. I like the way you did the sea, and the back ground: very niceley done! My favorite parts are the hench men taking off the treasure and the Doctor at his TARDIS


Cthulhu....Where does that ring a bell? And what in the stars is the Doctor doing there?Any way, i am inpressed, exellent work. But where did Sam sinister come from?


Could someone tell me what country im in?


cool rely cool but what was it is

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