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March 29, 2006


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Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

Fascinating stuff. And doubtless not the last of its kind.


I would really prefer to be on a christian based space I love myspace and you can tell by looking at mine that i love Jesus Christ he is my lord and Savior Please Please Please let me in on the Christian Myspace alternative.God Bless you.Love ya.Ashley

Warren Whitlock

I just found your blog while research for MySpace alternatives.

What a great service you offer. I'm going to recommend your site to my coaching clients.

Warren Whitlock


Zooped.com seems to be the best myspace alternative i've come accross.
Xianz sounds cool


How do I delete my zooped account?

hello my name is carmen and i got this problem with zooped
someone ask me to join so i did
but i get to much emails from zooped and i alraddy got myspace
and i,m from the netherlands so englisch is hard for me to understand

so maby you can help me to delet my zooped acount thanxxx

greetings from carmen

[email protected]

Bryan Alexander

I don't know, carmen. Good luck.

renda extra

Great post, i've already subscribed to your feed. thanks.

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