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July 13, 2006


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The gift shop also sells lampshade & soap holiday gift baskets, which are a real gas, as it were. Another popular item is the crematorium ash tray, with the smoke exiting through the chimney. The Dr. Menglele stethoscope is a very popular as well, together with the Leica Special Edition Riefenstal camera. Of the few books available, "The Treblinka Cookbook" is a must-read, replete with recipes ranging from gold teeth soup to blackened bone stew. Mmm-MMM!!!!!! By all means-GO! You'll love it!!!


I ordered the oven mits & the fence electrification kit. I've had no trouble with either product. The only item I'm still debating ordering is the casserole dish with the whistle in the lid that has an embossed face that shrieks when the temperature hits 350 degrees. I've heard that the whistle will sound only of kosher food is inside-how'd they do that?!?

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