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September 16, 2006


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Too cool, Bryan! Congratulate her for me, eh?

Andrew Connell

Not surprising at all. Well done Gwynneth!

Andy Havens

Nice start. Good show not sending her into MySpace. Yeesh. I've just started a page there because I've been disrespecting the joint with no inside knowledge... and that's very un-hip in my own creative Zen, so I've stopped bad-mouthing MySpace until I understand it better.

That being said... I still think she's better off with HerOwnSpace; writing and journaling rather than being somewhat randomly social. More directed, I think. My son is only 7. But in another few years, if he wants to get out there, I'd encourage something like what you're doing.

You may want to consider registering a domain name or two now that she likes as a future site. I've done my kid's name, as I assume they'll just get harder and harder to lock in over time.

Again... good job helping her get out there with a place to call her own on the Web.

Bryan Alexander

Thank you for that recc, Andy. I'll definitely explore it.

And thank you, Andrew and Randy. Go comment on her blog!

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