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September 20, 2006


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Andy Havens

I've had more friends with kids in the last 10 years who have homeschooled for quality and social reasons than religious reasons. Unless you count not wanting their kids to be raised in a certain public school system to be a religious objection. In three cases of good friends of mine, these folks are very specifically non-relgious, or "small r-" religious, and are either involved in technology or academic fields and have very strong views about how children should be educated.

My own 7-year-old is now in public school first grade. It's a highly regarded school in the Columbus, OH system. He's having some good, some bad. Both my wife and I came out of public schools and did OK. I've got zero problems with homeschooling kids for any reason, but feel pretty strongly that if more and more of us abandon our public schools, we're in deep trouble.

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