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September 13, 2006


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Sara H.

I have some frustrations with SL as well. The tutorial issue, is definitely one of mine as well. Secondly, and this is most likely a network error at Centenary, but any time I tried to play my character eventually would sink into the ground and my client would just stop working. Out of frustration, I just quit looking into it. Now I fear I'm way behind on something that's supposed to be terribly important to my studies. Perhaps I'll give it another shot eventually, but for now, I'm hands off on SL.

Andy Havens

I tried SL about... 2.5 years ago when it was quite new. And buggy. Gave it up as uncooked. Tried it again about a year ago and was a bit more impressed and spent some more time doing a bunch of building, learning, playing around, and, mostly, talking to people in-game to find out what they thought.

Was very interested in the economic model, as the idea of expressly sanctioned, player/user owned content with a tie to RL money was/is quite unique. Not a lot of other VWs/MMOs up to that yet.

I've had my account frozen by this current security mess, too. And can't get an answer to my email. But I did get a nice email asking me to complete a customer satisfaction survey! Oh dear...

The learning curve, if you want to really *do stuff* is quite high, yes. But we're talking about actual skills here, yes? Not just "gold farming" in an MMO which equates to clikcing on a yellow pixel. SL skills include 3D modeling, working in Photoshop, coding, animation and economics. Oh, and talking dirty. ; )

Bryan Alexander

It's amazing how buggy their performance and service is, isn't it, Sara? Your point about SL's perceived importance is a subtle way of explaining its appeal.

I also looked then, Andy, and had a similar experience. What's your take on the export of content issue (i.e., one generally can't)?

I'm going to post more about this in a few minutes -

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