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December 12, 2006


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Owen Kelly

I am not sure if this directly meets your criteria or not but it is, I supsect, fairly closely connected.

Recently in SL there was the "copybot scare", when some people released a small program that lived on your computer if you wanted it, and intercepted the data to the SL client; interpreted it, and enable you to upload copies of what had been presented to your client. Effectively enabling the unscrupulous to steal textures and objects (but not scripts).

This produced a week of panic, but more relevantly it produced genuine examples of superstition. On a forum a shopkeeper said that she had arrived at her shop just in time to hear a copybot whispering. Others produced a "cure" that consisted of an inworld object that "shouted" at copybots.

Both of these occurences (and many similar which I have been collecting) reminded me of the middle ages. And made me wonder whether superstition is perhaps a necessary constituent part of a large community.

The copybots really were seen as ghosts in the machine, and attempts were made to exorcise them.

And in proper medieval fashion dissent was not tolerated...


I Miss My Face:

A Quick Movement, and He Rezzed Out of His Hair and Shoes:

Ceredwyn Alexander

I personally think the giant kitty building is pretty damned uncanny, but that's just me.


One more un-rezzed fella looking for some skin under a Xmas tree:

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