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February 20, 2007


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Yes, this is very cool. Liz K-W shared it with me last Thursday when I spoke at Longwood. I loved it, of course.

I'm reminded of C. S. Lewis's observation in "De Descriptione Temporum" that the invention of the codex (and hence page numbers) enabled precise scholarship.

The F.N


It's gone. "Removed by owner" YouTube says. Sheer vandalism. The owner has no right to remove this having whetted our appetites! I demand to be able to find it from a Google cache of YouTube!

I'm horrified, stunned, and generally GOBSMACKED!
Mark McPearson

Bryan Alexander

Saw that too, alas and alack. Well, time to hunt up YouTube for more copies.

Gobsmacked is one of the great words of all time.

Bryan Alexander

Ceredwyn just found another link, which I added as an update to this post.



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