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February 28, 2007


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Good Lord... That's just depressing.


You know, it's like the CNN scare graphics. I'm sure the Chronicle wouldn't want to be compared to them, but they're sounding more like them all the time.


Any mention in the article on the threat that American society poses to the students?

Bryan Alexander

If only, Brian. But that's what "leadership" language is designed to avoid.

Agreed, Laura, Patrick.

Harold Jarche

And I thought that boomers were the most narcissistic generation ;-)

[Full Disclosure: My name is Harold, and I'm a Boomer]

Bryan Alexander

Heh - I was hoping more people would pick up on the generation war aspect of that report, Harold. It seems to be a fine publicity grabber, isn't it?

Full disclosure turn: I'm an Xer, born in '67.

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