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March 29, 2007


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Elisa Camahort

I've been talking to folks a LOT about this lately, and I try to emphasize over and over one of your key points: this is not about Internet culture or blogosphere culture. This is about a sicko segment of humanity that exists on and offline. if we make it about the technology or tool we will never address the real issues.

This is Garbage In, Garbage Out taken to its most heinous level.

Bryan Alexander

That's refreshing to hear, Elisa. Please keep fighting the good fight.
Nice blog, too.

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I've been talking to people a lot about this matter, I tried to emphasize, one of your point: it is not about the Internet culture or blog culture. This is about a human sicko section has existence and offline. If we let it technical or tools we will never solve practical problems.

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