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March 29, 2007


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I can't wait to hear it. In my state of near exhaustion post vendor presentations and at the end of a week of single parenting, I completely spaced it out. I was collapsed on the couch conducting the various evening rituals from a prone position.

Peter Naegele

I think the latest developments surrounding the veracity of the information on wikipedia [and the Stalinist tactics it uses to dispense information] have led me to simply dismiss it as a glorified BBS.

Certainly, requirements of "notability" are incredulous when one realizes the reasoning behind them are bound [no pun intended] to print media.

Additionally, their rules concerning verifiability and privacy have made it even easier to falsify personal information [read: credentials] as well as suppress the opinions of "outsiders".

I would sooner eat lunch off a public restroom floor than allow a student to use wikipedia as a primary reference. Although, they are very nearly equivalent actions!

peter naegele

Case in point [warning: this will offend you]:


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