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March 21, 2007


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Uri L.

thanks for the ref. Great analysis!


Hi. Did you submit a help case on flickr or visit the forums for help?

Bryan Alexander

Thank you, Uri.

Tara, greetings. I did not use Flickr's contact, because the idea was to move to Yahoo. Should I have done that instead?


Bryan, the account merge simply meant we'd be using Yahoo! IDs and not maintaining two systems. We are now using this part of Yahoo!'s technology, but that doesn't mean WE'VE been "swallowed" or anything. If you have a question about Flickr, in this case, merging your Flickr account with a Yahoo! ID, first stop is Flickr customer care or Flickr forums. Yahoo! is Yahoo!, Flickr is Flickr. I hope that helps! I work at Flickr so please feel free to ping me offline.

Bryan Alexander

Thank you so much for replying, Tara. I really appreciate your time and attention.

I'll gladly turn to Flickr for help, community, or anything else. That's partly because of my good experience (until this month), and partly because of my not-very-good experience with Yahoo.

I hope "Yahoo! is Yahoo!, Flickr is Flickr" continues, or stays real. Yahoo's use of Flickr images in projects like http://wii.yahoo.com/ doesn't bode well, although the CC climbdown is good. How many brand sites are expected?

Alternatively, Yahoo could try to make itself appealing to those of us who migrated in from the "old school." I'm not seeing any effort along these lines, but would be delighted to hear news.

This post does a good job of summarizing Flickr-Yahoo worries:

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