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March 20, 2007


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Oh no!! Well, your photos are still up there at least and I can browse them. Some consolation, hopefully...


I'm pretty sure what you need to do -- and forgive me if I misunderstand -- is either set up a new Yahoo account and link it to your Flickr account that already exists (don't know if waiting until the last day is going to mess this up) or find the way to merge your existing Yahoo account (if you have one) to the existing Flickr acocunt. I made the transition before the last day and what I did was made a whole new Yahoo account [Flickrmyn] and then somehow tied it to my Flickr account. I still have another Yahoo account (jessamyn_west) that I didn't want to bind to my Flickr stuff.

If you can't get help from Yahoo, I'd recommend clicking the "help via email" link at the bottom of Flickr pages, even though they're technically Yahoo employees, you're more likely to hear back from them in a useful manner. IM me if you want more advice/help.

Bryan Alexander

Thank you, Mia.

And thank you, jessamyn. Yes, that's more or less what I had to do... last week, when I saw the merger deadline coming up. I made a new account, and merged it.

So what went wrong?
First, there are three different pieces of information to wrangle. One email address (or more!), which didn't work for Yahoo as a login. One username, ditto. So it's a third bit, yet another username, which appears nowhere on any webpage. Actually, it isn't three pieces, but four, since there's a new pw to recall. Four pieces, rather than two - there's a word for this, and it isn't "progress."

Second, Yahoo failed to make help available. Its help files didn't map onto the topic. It had no clear contact line. And the series of interfaces make the experience difficult, frustrating, and a bit threatening.

Strangely enough, as you say, jessamyn, the original Flickr pages are more useful.

PS: still no response to anything I've communicated about this, either by email, web, phone, this blog, or the screenshots and story I posted to my Flickr account. Yahoo, are you actively trying to scare users away? Yahoo, are you even listening?



my collegue Gerard also had some trouble with Flickr/Yahoo (http://www.weblogzonderhaast.nl/index.php/weblog/comments/dear-flickr-i-lost-my-yahoo-id-and-now-im-desperate/)

He had sent an email and the responded :)

Good luck trying to get you're account back!

Moqub (Elisabeth)

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