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April 08, 2007


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Dave Cushing

Hi Bryan!
I don't know Tetris, so I missed those Tetris references.
Recently cultivating my love of folk music,
(Don't miss Ewan MacColl's "Ballad of Accounting")
& had to get Richard & Mimi Farina's "Complete Vanguard Recordings" (Don't miss Mimi Farina, who is Joan Baez' sister, singing "Morgan the Pirate", telling Dylan he's a jerk, released after her husband died), and Tom Pynchon was mentioned.

This Richard Farina was a writer & folk musician/singer, & Tom Pynchon's buddy @ Cornell, & Tom dedicated "Gravity's Rainbow" to him.

Grid knows you've already too much on your plate, but I must
iterate a hearty recommendation to read 2 short (couple hours) books by Pynchon & Farina from 1966. You may well have read the first, but don't miss that second! They're short!

"The Crying of Lot 49" is Pynchon's succinct masterpiece.
& "Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me" is dangerously sophomoric, in a good way! What were wild college guys thinking about?

You've steered into fascinating areas with your blog recently,
creating a broad enough context that you can reference anything that interests you. Had recently told Brent Hiatt that I'd like to read your necessarily secret anonymous blog.


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