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April 27, 2007


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Chris L

Hopefully murderous tweets will have about as much impact on the medium as the murderer's blogs have (ie not much).

I am interested, though, in the way that Twitter has prompted me to really start thinking about multi-tasking, attention, appearance and-- above all-- speed.

Maybe it just came at a fortuitous (and potentially calamitous) time in my life, when one more method of achieving mediated presence was my personal tipping point, and I am definitely under the influence or reading Honore's In Praise of Slowness (which isn't an anti-technology screed), but the whole Twitter thing seems fraught with significance I don't completely understand.

Bryan Alexander

Thank you for the thoughtful comment, Chris. I appreciate the pointer to Honore.

Speed... there's a class dynamic to discussions of slowness. The ability to not rush, the capability to take things slowly, is often a function of having that control over one's time. This is decreasingly applicable as one moves down the socioeconomic scale - does a Walmart worker get to take a 2-hour slow food lunch? There's a market pressure, too, as the American marketplace rewards overwork, and doesn't look favorably upon its various opposites.

Back to Twitter: you're utterly correct to identify speed with it. I suspect uncanny and scary stories coming down the road will emphasize that aspect.

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