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April 04, 2007


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Suggestion: How about along with a brief writeup about the good/bad ones, a value-for-the-price rating? Or at least a general price range?

I'm at O'Hare quite a bit changing planes and would look up the burger place, but I don't want to walk all that way (it's a *big* airport) just to find they have good burgers--for $49.95 each.

Bryan Alexander

Good idea, Wolf. Let's add that general idea to the wiki, along with cases.

Barbara Ganley

What a terrific idea, Bryan, so useful. I'll be traveling in Scandinavia soon (a visit to Humlab included) and will keep my eye out for edible options along the way.

Many thanks!


Owen Kelly


I think this is a very useful idea, and I will be adding entries whenever I go somewhere. I have used it as an example in a post about structured blogging, in case you are interested :)



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