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May 24, 2007


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Brilliant. We shouldn't forget that "passion" is from "patior," i.e., "to suffer."

Eric Ederer

The article is very perceptive. In true passion, one does not know where the passionate act will lead.

It was Hegal who coined the term "poverty of passion". "Poverty of passion" occurs one does not reflect on the self's true nature, desires, and interests. One lets popular opinion, parents, a partner, friends, etc. cover up one's true interests and callings. A person can avoid exploring these facets of the self. One must ask what is really important in my life? What really matters?

A classic work on this subject is "On Being Free" by Frithjof Bergmann.

Bryan Alexander

Excellent etymological move, nbr!

Beautiful reflection, Eric. I'd forgotten that Hegel probe. Interesting take on emergence.

Stephen Downes

> "Passion is an unstoppable overflowing of emotion that destroys in its satisfaction, that torpedoes lives and marriages and nations, that shoots husbands or coworkers or strangers in rage."

When Hume said, "Reason is, and always must be, the slave of the passions," I don't think this is what he meant.

Be careful to ask, whether this essay is defining, or redefining.

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