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June 06, 2007


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D'Arcy Norman

Two words: Moose Fever.

Seems like almost everyone that attended Northern Voice 2007 got hit with the plague. Thankfully, it wasn't TB, but it'd be really easy for the next SARS to be spread through conference contacts...

Jamie Bono

In case of emergency flex-cuffs and N95 masks will fall from the cabin ceiling.

Bryan Alexander

I'd bet you guys wouldn't try to spread it around, D'Arcy.

LOL, Jamie! I admit to misreading your comment as "fisticuffs."

Today's reading: "The Last Flight of Dr. Ayn."

pete naegele

Considering how filthy the average commercial air craft is, this is nothing new. The lack of cleanliness eliminates the need for someone to actually contract a disease, they could just "leave it behind" in one form or another.

Also of note, terrorism always strikes the privileged [from a global perspective].

Big Henry

Technically, his new father in law worked at the CDC. His own father is head of the law firm he works at. Not brassy, not bronzey, but ... irony?

His own father is also the one claiming to have a recording of the health officials telling him he could fly. But they have not released the tape yet. Wonder why? And to mention it, wonder why they would have recorded the conversation in the first place?

Good thing Paris got released today to distract us from this trivial matter of international concern. California Uber Alles!

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