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July 07, 2007


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Lester Spence

Remember some of the arguments used to get consumers to move from vinyl? Sound quality was one...but indestructability was the other.


In 1988 vinyl started losing to the CD, but lately it's mounted a counterattack -- fueling decent profits for niche music vendors:


Lester Spence

Yep. Using some of the same rhetoric about superior sound quality (part of this is about supposed "warmth" and part of this involves generating a nostalgia for the imperfections of the vinyl sound).

Bryan Alexander

I remember a Dead Kennedys tape sold around '85, with one side blank. The label there read something like "Home taping is killing the recording industry! use this side to carry on!"

Randy Thornton

I saw my first CD in 1984 at the Lincoln Center Tower Records in NYC, in the classical section.

The big bulky CD players were about $800 to $1,000 and were available only at high end audio stores. A CD cost about $15, at a time when vinyl records and tape cassettes cost about 7-8 bucks.

Fastforward almost 25 years: CD players now cost about 20 bucks in tiny little boxes at K-Mart.

And CDs STILL COST about $15.

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