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July 04, 2007


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lately i have been digging on cocorosie's new weird deranged psychedelic hip-hop album, http://www.amazon.com/Adventures-Ghosthorse-Stillborn-CocoRosie/dp/B000NQR7RU/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/102-2387237-3688166?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1183605888&sr=8-1>the adventures of ghosthorse and stillborn. the music is weird, eerie, full of bizarre samples and loops, and bianca casady's poetic, clever rhymes are full of eerie imagery. and like a friend of mine says, 'this stuff is like crack, i can't stop listening!'


I hear that Burnett guy does music...


oh please don't give up your coil loving ways!! there is nothing like listening to good coil sounds!

i agree with cayden, the new cocorosie is crack of the finest angela carter kind. i would also pick up the new avey tare and kria brekkan cd, "pullhair rubeye"--it is AMAZING even though they pulled an easy stunt (remastered their original recording backwards, released the backwards recording) but it sounds like a sleazy christopherson remix of an animal collective cd. its dark with patches of light shining through. i also like burial's self-titled "burial" disc--dark sludgy electronic dub. OH OH and you should pick up something by deathprod (aka helga sten). the black box set is quite satisfying!

Bryan Alexander

Many thanks, Cayden and saramin.

Which Burnett, Steve, the New Mapper?

Let me add: Brian Lamb has twittered some goodness, too.


The very Burnett who comments on your blog, sir:

Subscape Annex Sounds


there's more:
Greg Davis (drone/ambient)
The Knife - "Silent Shout"

this isn't dark electronic but there's dark and THEREMIN. no more explanation necessary:

Pamelia Kurstin "Thinking out Loud"


Also, Brian Hodge has some nice stuff (sadly, too little) on his website

peter naegele

You might want to check out The Kleptones. They are great culture-jammers and mashup artists. Start with "24" and then go on to "A Night At The Hip-Hopera".

If you want to check out some political commentary in jamming, try norelperf is a great source. Their compendium series is a series of sound collages.

On a more gothic tip...Cocteau Twins have a podcast featuring old an unreleased material and Adrian Smith from Click Click is moving forward with some new material [he did a remix for my band] and re-releasing older material.

Bryan Alexander

Subscape Annex Sounds is awesome. A series of files on my mp3 player now. Thank you, Steve, for the Hodge, too.

(bowing to Saramin's Theremin powers) More, yes, thanks!

Very useful, Peter. Added and snarfed.


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