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July 18, 2007


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Glenda Morgan

hey Bryan,

I am sweating a bit under a whole slew of deadlines but I had to respond to this.

Growing up in Zimbabwe we had these bugs called "sandflies" or" pootsieworms". I never figured out what they looked like as flies (neither nature nor observation were my thing back then) but they would lay eggs in sand or in your clothing and the eggs would burrow under your skin and hatch into the larvae. These looked a bit like mosquito bites and they would itch like crazy until either a. they were ready to move to the next stage in which case they would crawl out of your skin and fly off or b. you drew them to the surface with heat and popped the larvae (about3-5mm in length) out sort of like a pimple on steroids. I had these at various times including on my head and I swear I could hear them chomping.

You also learned to avoid having them by among other things ironing all your clothes, including and especially your underwear.

I can't believe I am attaching my real name to this comment.

Bryan Alexander

"I swear I could hear them chomping." Amazing. Many thanks for sharing. :)

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