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August 25, 2007


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Stephen Downes

Talk about a place to go when you want to get away from it all...

Steve B

Where is Nathan Brazil, now that we need him?

peter naegele

Fist all the dolphins disappear and now this?

Good thing I live next door to Ford Prefect....don't forget your towel!

I just hope there's a decent restaurant there...

peter naegele

@ Steve B

Check HERE!


Everything you post reminds me of old radio dramas.

"Nothing Behind the Door" (1947) the premiere episode of "Quiet, Please," the greatest horror/SF/fantasy anthology series of all time*, scripted by the great Wyllis Cooper.

From the episode: "There are scores of places in this universe where there's nothing -- far places, near places."

* Reasonable people may disagree, but they would be wrong.


"Azathoth? Is that you, old chap?"

peter naegele

now that I've read more about it, the "WMAP Cold Spot", as it has been called, appears to be the center of the big bang. It was originally identified in 2004, the paper is just being published now.

These empty spaces are nothing new to astrophysicists, but this is a strange one. Given we've only known about dark matter for about 10 years, this isn't that surprising!

"AZATHOTH--hideous name" ~Lovecraft

Bryan Alexander

That's a great episode, HP.

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