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September 20, 2007


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Alexandra Kitty

Another excellent link from your site, Bryan. The Internet has an incredible potential to do things the traditional media cannot do by themselves (and I am speaking as someone who has worked for years with traditional media, particularly print). There's a beauty to it -- its the realization of the Global Village -- a mass platform that is personal, open and accessible.

If we can tap into the positive qualities in a positive way, I think a lot of social progress can be made.

pete naegele

interesting....reminds me a lot of this from 3 years ago and this from 2006.

Bryan Alexander

Well put, Alexandra! I'm glad you see the beauty, too.

pete, I think I caught your first link when it appeared (http://infocult.typepad.com/infocult/2004/10/history_of_soci.html). That second one, the Google vid, is very nice, too.

pete naegele

bryan...yep...you had it!

there are some other great videos in that google link as well

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