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September 30, 2007


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this is the best one yet, bryan! the first page i found myself in has audio from radiohead's song "treefingers" and the relevant lyrics. freaking cool.

Bryan Alexander

Thanks, Cayden. And thank you for the Radiohead note - check out the blog entry from a few minutes ago, where I credit you.
Oh, and Silver Ladder is way, way stranger.


silver ladder actually reminds me a lot of jodi.org, which has been in existence since the mid-90s, and i'm pretty sure is continuously updated. jodi.org, though, is purely an art piece. cybersculpture, if you will.

peter naegele

Top notch! Given my proclivity for all things space related, I really like the site map!

Many of these sites remind me of My Pet Skeleton, which I would think you are familiar with already!

Bryan Alexander

I love the Skeleton. Used to run the screensaver.

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