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October 23, 2007


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Jon Breitenbucher

One of the people playing WoW instead of farming. I still can't get into Second Life.

peter naegele

My father-in-law is a farmer here in ohio. It is frightening what government regulation and over zealous environmentalism has done to America's farmers.

Their ignorance often out-shines their apathy for rural America. As one Marie-Antoinette-esque environmental terrorist told me; "Why do we need farmers? People can just get fruits and vegetables from the grocery store anyway."

I can hear my grandkids now: "Awwww...soylent green for dinner AGAIN!?!?"


Even more amusing when you consider WoW gold farming operations...

David Seuss (WoW Level 70 Human Warrior)

Well, who here is surprised that sitting in an air conditioned room killing dragons is more fun than working dirt under a blazing sun swatting flies? However, farming is not dwindling by any economic measure. Farm production is up, farm income is up, farm equipment and fertilizer sales are up. These last two, equipment and fertilizer, are why fewer and fewer farm workers can produce more and more food. As a matter of fact, American farmers are so productive due to their use of technology they have plenty of time to play Warcraft at night!

peter naegele

@David Seuss

You might want to look at the biofuel industry and the fate of N. Korea's agriculture industry before painting such a rosy picture.

I will concede that gaming is more enjoyable than farming. Yes, play is more fun than work.


Thank you for illustrating my point!


Are there more lawyers than rock climbers? Gaming is (for all but a few) not an occupation, it is an entertainment option. What is the point of comparing an entertainment activity to a production activity? It is a meaningless data point.

Bryan Alexander

Jon, what's the barrier for you - hardware, orientation island, loneliness?

Ladi, exactly.

Greetings, David. Quite true about the reduction in numbers of farmers, while production increases.
In the long term, I worry about the impact of peak oil on farming (along with everything else) - increased shipping costs, then fertilizer costs.

Perhaps, Thomas, it would be useful to compare gamers with people growing kitchen gardens?

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