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November 11, 2007


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peter naegele

So sorry to hear you are stranded! I do not miss sitting in airports.

During the summer of 2001, I was a contractor M-F in Manhattan and flew home on the weekends [luckily,the last week of August, I was transferred to Chicago for M-F]. By the time my contract ended, I had become very adept at sleeping in any location at any time!

Like I said...I don't miss it...

Patrik Svensson

I feel sorry for you, Bryan. One good strategy I think is to try to fly out as early as possible. If you have multiple connecting flights this may not help you get all the way, but my (US) experience is that first-of-the-day flights are usually ok. Another strategy - as you know - is to always try to get as far as you can - even if it may seem tempting giving up and spending the night at an aiport hotel (I think I may have learnt this from you:). Another factor is the airports themselves, but here you typically do not have much of a choice (at least not in terms of the one closest to you). I am on a month-long trip now, and I will report back about strategies as I go along. Next stop: Melbourne, Australia (I left SFO this morning).

Alan Levine

I am fairly sure this is connected to the writer's strike :-(

best case you can do more research on airport restaurants


Bryan, you might check this to see what the real reason for the delay was:


Bryan Alexander

Maybe I should start a wiki on this theme, surviving the horrors of modern air travel?

peter, I'm sorry for your experience. Did you see the sleeping in airports site?

Good ideas, Patrik. "fly[ing] out as early as possible." Always a good idea. As I said in the post, I've been increasing the time I allot for air travel overall, including layovers. Downside: less time home, with family.
"always try to get as far as you can... (I think I may have learnt this from you:)"
I think you did learn this from me!

Alan, I should probably start a blog or column on the topic.

Great site, Glen.

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