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December 19, 2007


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"This article, to which I was alerted to by the brilliant Infocult, contains links to numerous fine sources of sound; Mount Vernon Arts Lab (also Mount Vernon Astral Temple and Black Noise), the Ghost Box family of groups, "Current 93, the late and much-lamented Coil and Cyclobe"......"

Bryan Alexander

Thank you for the Raagnarok link, Jim, and the link here. Just updated the post.

Steve B

Anyone interested in electronic occulture I can highly recommend David Keenan's _England's Hidden Reverse: A Secret History of the Esoteric Underground_. Covering the lives and careers of the members of Coil, Current 93, and Nurse With Wound in exhaustive detail, I learned things about Coil that I didn't know after twenty years of listening to their work and having them as an admitted influence on my own music work.

Bryan Alexander

Thank you for the recc., Steve. Added to my Amazon pile.

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