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December 18, 2007


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Steven Kaye

"In 1820, German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss wanted to announce our presence to extraterrestrial passersby by clearing a huge right triangle in the Siberian forest. His plan was to plant wheat in the triangle, then border each side with a square filled with pine trees. Aliens cruising by would glimpse this sylvan representation of [a.sup.2] + [b.sup.2] = [c.sup.2] and know the planet's inhabitants had mastered the Pythagorean theorem."


Alexander Zaitsev

Please visit


to read my early paper:

Sending and Searching for Interstellar Messages


Hasn't humankind already been sending a glossolalial spew of messages heavenward since the advent of radio frequency communications?

Bryan Alexander

That's the one, Steven. Thanks.

Thank you for commenting, professor Zaitsev. I think Thomas, who commented next, agrees with you concerning our already sending IMs out.

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