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December 21, 2007


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Andy Havens

Not about the solstice per se, but the film "Ravenous" has a bunch o' wintery-ness, cannibalism, Civil War vets and voodoo. Can't beat that with a frozen stick.

Steven Kaye

Ahem. The Shining, sir.

Don't know if things like Hammer's The Abominable Snowman and the TV movie Snowbeast count.

D'Arcy Norman

Alien vs. Predator? Not a solstice thing, but the whole movie takes place in Antarctica. Wonder if they will throw in The Thing for the sequel? That'd be a great battle... Alien vs. Predator vs. The Thing! :-)


I just finished reading Blackwood's The Wendigo. I'm not sure how I missed reading this before -- I remember starting it once and getting distracted.

Just for kicks, I looked up some archival photographs of moose hunting in Canada circa 1910:

"Dad out moose hunting," 1909 -- how I imagine Dr. Cathcart.

A successful hunt, 1913. Second from left is how I imagine Simpson. And surely that's Defago with the mustache and toque.

A backwoods guide with moose, 1920s -- Is that the foul-mouthed Hank in happier days?

(I found these images at the Glenbow Museum archives, via Images Canada.)


Bryan, please check your comments dungeon -- I posted too many links in my comment and it's being held as spam. But it's good stuff -- I found some old photos to illustrate Blackwood's The Wendigo.


Awesome list, thanks for this.

Bryan Alexander

Ravenous is on the list, Andy. Consider it a tasty snack.

Good one, Steve; added The Shining. How is that Hammer film?

Scary threeway matchup, D'Arcy. How do you get a blood test from an Alien?

Excellent, HP. I liberated your previous comment, and am enjoying the images now.

Jim, any Christmas frights to share?

Steve B

Bryan: Blood test from an Alien? It's already a Bad Thing that's trying to kill you and you want a blood test to see if it's *also* another kind of alien? No need, you should already be in fight-or-flight. Keep your maul handy.

Also, just found this review of a nonfiction accounting of the Scott Polar Expedition:


Bryan Alexander

Steve, The Worst Journey in the World is great stuff!

...which reminds me, that and other polar journals would make for nice blogging, web 2.0 storytelling style.

-Bryan, who always keeps his favorite maul handy

Steve B

...which reminds me, that and other polar journals would make for nice blogging, web 2.0 storytelling style.

Actually, that's a really nice idea. *memo*

Bryan Alexander

Do it, Steve! There are numerous precedents, now.
And if you launch it before the end of January, I can tell the ELI conference about it.

Steve B

Hmm. Task breakdown/storming:
*hunt for historic (either)polar journals*
*limit to public domain*
*(optional but preferable) that the doc begins 1-31 Jan*
*no one _leaves_ for the Poles in midwinter*
*set up blog for*
*figure out best Googlemaps/earth integration for a travel (easy, link on each entry with identifiable location)*
*other tangents - interesting would be the tech of the time relevant to travel, and harsh weather*

Might not launch by end of January, but will look into the idea, and if not polar, then will seriously explore (hah!) some other option. Any thoughts appreciated, here or offline.

I should also think about what might be interesting to do this year to help with _Dracula_.

Bryan Alexander

A few thoughts, Steve, based on experience with Dracula, and reading other such projects:
-Try to find something with steady enough content to read as blog.
-Identify other departments or categories besides the content. We did multimedia and current events for Dracula.
-Find bloggers and other web folks of interest. Get their feedback.

Would love to bug you about Drac, if we do it again.

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