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January 23, 2008


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Wow, this really brings back a lot for me. I was recently widowed (Feb 17 last year) and prior to that did a lot of UrbEx. I haven't been out to a location in a couple of years...this makes me want to go and explore.

I still have my gear and my shoes. Who knows?...


feel free to post a picture here--- I have the creative commons disabled because of corporate misuse of many of my photos. I don't mind bloggers using them with proper attribution.

Stephen Downes

> The images are published with a note prohibiting unauthorized use, so I won't copy one here

Actually, if you try to copy it, you'll notice that you can't, really. Not sure how Flickr does it (it's via Javascript), but they mask the URL of the image. You can't link to it, you can't download it. You would have to use a screen capture program to grab it.

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