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January 12, 2008


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Thank you for writing about this and sharing the links. I had not been following Mr Olmsted's blog but am sitting here now in stunned silence reading his last post. Yes you are right, I wonder how many people know how blogs have permeated our world, but more than that, how blogging such as this has the singular ability to yank even the most disinterested of us out of our isolated little silos and cause us to display humanity and compassion for the tragic and way-too-early loss of a fellow human being.



I found this one through oook and was also left both stunned and moved by it. Your question, Bryan, is a great one. Is it any wonder school feels so inauthentic some days? We quarrel and pick our nits and worry ourselves distracted over all our "enterprise" considerations. Meanwhile, our fellow human beings look to us for meaningful guidance, for informed and humane perspectives on life, on civilization--something beyond the chatter. What do we have to offer?

I also think how generous Andrew Olmstead was to leave such a testament.

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