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January 02, 2008


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I'm learning from Daniel Goleman's fascinating "Social Intelligence" that we cannot help being expressive, that in fact at a deep level we want to be expressive, because that's the only way we can reliably infer others' subjectivities and thus their intentions, beliefs, motivations, etc. Alas, airports, like many classrooms, now inspire studied impassivity--not even furtiveness!--and I wonder how far similar surveillance cultures will inspire such masking.

So much for intersubjectivity. Or perhaps the poker players are right, and there's always a "tell."

Travel Guy

There is always a tell but they're going to get way more false positives on this one than anything else. People wear their expressions on their faces all the time but very often the people who appear nervous are probably on their way to a big sales presentation or something.

Bryan Alexander

@Gardner, more surveillance, more masking - that's a grim but logical direction. I wonder if David Brin sees that ever changing course.

@Travel Guy, that's one thing I'm worried about. Heck air travel itself makes most of us nervous.

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