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February 15, 2008


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D'Arcy Norman

nah... I'd guess this is just medical waste (amputations...) being contracted out to the lowest bidder. Cheaper to dump stuff overboard than to treat it as biohazardous waste...


Ooooh, sorry about that.

Those are mine. If you wouldn't mind sending them back I'd appreciate it. I'll reimburse you for the expense.



Interesting that they're all right feet. Years ago when a container ship of running shoes blew into the middle of the ocean, the right shoes and the left shoes ended up at different places on the coast because the soles had different profiles. Maybe feet work the same way?

Bryan Alexander

Would medical waste still have sneakers on, D'Arcy?

We'll get to FedEx straightaway, Tom.

Where do you think the lefts ended up, trillwing? I'm tempted to make a Newfie joke.

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