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March 26, 2008


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peter naegele

"It's hard for those who love uncanny objects to see the fear others attach to the same beloved items."

I think Negativland summed up the whole situation in "Mashin' Of The Christ".


I don't know how I missed that last mess, but you certainly attracted a whole bunch of pissed-off people who clearly have NO concept what you're about, and don't seem able to grasp the "uncanny valley" theory in any way.

Even when it was calmly and rationally explained to them, they continued to post as if they were being attacked. There's a lot of defensiveness and paranoia on display in that thread.

peter naegele

Read the comments in the BlawgIT entry. They are enlightening.

Bryan Alexander

I need to grab that track, peter.

Thanks, Wolf. It really seems to be a sharp divide. I wonder how deep the divide goes - brain chemistry?

The Blawgit comments are fun.

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