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April 13, 2008


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Steve B

The really funny thing is I had an idea for a Lovecraftian-filtered view of the world blog last week, registered the domain as too good not to while I pondered it, then found four things in three days as new material that'd be relevant if I was writing such a blog. As if I needed a new project.


You know what, speaking of winter gothic, check out this ARGish trailhead I recently stumbled upon: http://www.norwegianfilmcommittee.org/

It's rather high production and I think you'd like it a lot. : )


I had forgotten this during the previous Winter Gothic thread, but the science angle reminded me of it. It's the wrong pole for this thread, but:

A sound, a humming, a crackling somewhere inside your head. And there are times when you'd swear it's a voice talking to you -- talking in some kind of strange language you can almost understand, filling your whole being with a kind of desperate, inescapable terror.
"Northern Lights," another great audio drama from Wyllis Cooper for Lights Out.

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