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April 13, 2008


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Kevin O'Shea

I don't know if anyone has suggested it yet, but you might want to get in contact with the bloggers at The Consumerist. They are usually very interested in things like this as a way to alert other consumers to be on the look out.


Keep us posted on the situation!

Andrew Connell

Holy Hell, this is shocking!! Thankfully you saw it before anyone was hurt! While I don't have any suggestions that haven't already been posed, I'm with Kevin that I would very much like to know how this turns out. Good luck!

Jeff Jones

Oh well, you have experienced what many, many people experience every single day, every single week of every single year... LOTS of STUFF in our Processed food mi amigo de Goth! Bits of glass, metal, plastic.... that's just the stuff you can see... don't want to get into the stuff you can't... especially in a package of sausage! Wild Harvest indeed, should be quite a few pieces of some "wild" stuff in that there package. I would field at least one call a week from a customer complaining of "foreign" objects in their food... don't worry about the lawyer, nothing he/she can do... they are all well-insulated from you and any lawyer you can come up with. You got initiated into the matrix of Big Food!
(and you were a little lucky!)

Julie Fricke

Bryan, I'm so glad to hear that no one was harmed. Scary stuff! Do let us know what happens.

Diane Foster

So it went through a sausage grider??? Come on, dog. Then a metal detector??? And you just happened to see it etc etc. Sounds like a scam to me..........

Bryan Alexander

Thank you for the tip, Kevin. Will do.

Thank you, Andrew and Julie. Will do.

I think you're right, Jeff. Count this as a radicalization moment.

One would hope it went through a sausage grinder, Diane. Is that what happened to your comment?


Diane, when would the sausage have gone through a metal detector?

Bryan, very glad no one was injured from this. Creepy!

Diane Foster

Yes, of course I meant grinder; obviously a typo. Doesn't detract from the point though (point? Get it?). Having worked in a sausage plant I can tell you there is no way that a needle could be manufactured in, they aren't even used. All product goes through an induction field metal detector which is tested every hour or so with a test piece; written records are kept. Dog, you are on a loser with the "lawyer" (do I smell "money-claim" here?).

Steven Kaye

Clearly Bryan is part of an international conspiracy trying to bankrupt sausage manufacturers across the globe, as demonstrated by the Australian and Japanese stories.

Thank goodness Diane was here to alert us to the threat.

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