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May 12, 2008


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Hasn't someone else made this connection?

I'm pretty sure that Teresa Nielsen Hayden has made this connection before on Making Light. But they had a major server meltdown recently, and I can't find the post with cursory searching.

(Actually, I pretty sure that Roger Ebert has written about this before this latest article, too.)

Bryan Alexander

That makes sense, HP, especially given the large role pre-Web fan-generated content played in the history of science fiction.

Bill Tozier

And before fanzines, there were correspondence magazines like Willis's Current Notes, and the great miscellanies collected from correspondence by the antiquarians like Hazlitt.

Long history indeed.

Jesse Walker

It's kind of an obvious connection, isn't it? I made it in passing here and I would be shocked if someone told me I got there first.

Bryan Alexander

Definitely, Bill. I'm glad to see you mention Hazlitt.

I think you're one of the people who mentioned this to me, Jesse.

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