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September 03, 2008


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Alexandra Kitty

It's reasons like those that make me a diehard fan of the Internet...

John M.

Forgot all about Kim. I loved that story. Funny enough, it was the chapter quotes in Declare that led me to Kim.

Enjoy your reading! I'm in the midst of my annual reading of the Complete Sherlock Holmes, but I'm already dusting off a few spy novels from the back of the shelf.

Scott Leslie

Yes, thanks for doing this. The genre of "intelligent spy fiction" is one of my absolute favourites and I felt like I had almost exhausted it, but your call turned up a number of gems I'm looking forward to exploring.

Steven Kaye

I'll try to get Sand Blind out to you this weekend:


Bryan Alexander

Me too, Alexandra.

Enjoy your return to Baker Street, John M.

Let us know what you discover, Scott Leslie.

Thanks in advance, Steven!

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