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September 18, 2008


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Ed Webb

A "state-of-the-art sex doll"? What is the state of the art in sex doll circles these days? It seems fairly essential to the story. Is the protagonist's obsession with the doll and need to seek a 'clean break' good, clean, old-fashioned fetishism, or is it driven by some twisted feature of the item itself? Did it look or talk like Hell O'Kitty? Was it relaying next door's tweets via wi-fi? "He was confused about how to get rid of her. He thought it would be cruel to cut her up into pieces and throw her out with the trash": cruel to whom? The logical thing would be to cut off her feet, stick them in sneakers, and ship them to Canada, no?

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Must've really disliked 'her', considering the price of what he probably ditched in the woods (http://www.realdoll.com/).

Bryan Alexander

Curt Andrei found this clip, and wanted to add it to this thread:

(thanks, Curt)

Ed Webb

Thanks indeed, Curt. Now my dreams can be invaded by manga-eyed sex-dolls conspiring with Hell O'Kitty to destroy what's left of civilization.

One striking element from that report: the company started making the dolls for handicapped men, but now they are available for 'just anybody.' The 'just anybody' they profile is a man who cannot relate to real women because they 'can cheat on you' (i.e. have wills of their own.) Is this not also some kind of handicap? Combine that with the last image, where the dolls are straight out of manga-porn, with the sexualized-little-girl look of over-large eyes (a Disney thing, too), and we're looking at an industry manufacturing a handicap. Nothing new about companies creating their own markets, pushing behavior (however socially harmful) that will turn a buck - or, these days, any currency apart from a buck. But the confluence of ever-more sophisticated manufacturing technology with ever-more immersive online experiences seems to have the potential to suck us (or sucker us) into a cyberpunk dystopia of social fragmentation and alienation. We'll all die jacked in and jacking off. Marvelous.

I may need some coffee...

Ed Webb

Also, webkare...


Gibson is indeed a hardboiled realist.

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