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November 13, 2008


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I recently had a former colleague call me, ask for 10 minutes of my time without question or interruption, and after I consented, proceed to give me a detailed account of their harassment by the US government via some kind of satellite mind control developed by ex-Nazi scientists. It was a harrowing experience. All I could think to do was to plead with them to get counseling.

Several years ago I discovered by accident a web site titled something like "More Than Conquerors," which consisted solely of individual accounts of mind control and the type of stalking described in this post. The desperation that seeps from every word of these entries is striking and saddening.


In this day and age is it possible that maybe they all are victims of mind control?...stranger things have happened

Steve B

Article this week headlined
"Paranoia may be more common than thought"


Despite my reflexive "surprise, surprise" and my secondary and sarcastic "who told them about me?" the article has a couple of interesting details.

Monika Stoces

Is is too much to be coincidence, people dont just like that become paranoia, it has trippled, is written in the aricle that it is more common than thought, and it describes precisely what mindcontrol victims call "organized stalking" , i dont think it is organized , but i DO BELIEVE WHAT THEY TELL IS REAL and far from mentall illness, sudden sharp rise in incidence in 2000, and a combination in symptoms that are very specific, and dont macht any known mental or other illness, how can that be "imagined" , i look at it, and wonder , how the entire academic world, can be so irrational, insisting it to be , somehting they know , instead of simply INVESTIGATING IT; it is so easy to do , and so clear, and absurd they let thousand of people around the world, indeed begging on their knees and asking for help, told over over again, to go the same mental healt department, that does not even wonder, what is going on. This is a silent epidemic, increases fast, i am glad at least some people realize , it "possibly" could be true, how absurd to refuse to investigate something, isnt it?
Objectivity (science) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An objective account is one which attempts to capture the nature of the object studied in a way that does not depend on any features of the particular subject who studies it. An objective account is, in this sense, impartial, one which could ideally be accepted by any subject, because it does not draw on any assumptions, prejudices, or values of particular subjects. Objectivity should not be mixed up with scientific consensus: Scientist may agree at one point in time but later discover that this consensus represented a subjective point of view.

Greetings from Belgium, Monika :)
Here is a sample of victims responses, same results all around the world. How can this be "unrelated?"

Here you can find a sample of one of them with maybe 100 respondents (will be updated over time)

More on this in the washington post of last year.
THE ARTICLE Washington Post : "Mind Games" 15 01 2007


"Until recently, people who believe the government is beaming voices into their heads would have added social isolation to their catalogue of woes. But now, many have discovered hundreds, possibly thousands, of others just like them all over the world. Web sites dedicated to electronic harassment and gang stalking have popped up in India, China, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Russia and elsewhere. "
"In her book, Abducted, Harvard psychologist Susan Clancy examines a group that has striking parallels to the TIs: people who believe they've been kidnapped by aliens. The similarities are often uncanny: Would-be abductees describe strange pains, and feelings of being watched or targeted. And although the alleged abductees don't generally have auditory hallucinations, they do sometimes believe that their thoughts are controlled by aliens, or that they've been implanted with advanced technology ] stimulation to their sexual organs (as the TIs describe) or feelings of paranoia..(On the online forum, some TIs posted vociferous objections to the parallel, concerned that the public finds UFOs even weirder than mind control. "It will keep us all marginalized and discredited," one griped.) "

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