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November 27, 2008


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Randy McCall

It's very cool, but the original story came out in 2003:

The latest cellphone weapons are much harder to detect: cellphone stun guns, whose circuitry looks identical to a normal cell phone to a less-than-expert eye.

Alec Couros

yikes, what a lovely development.

Bryan Alexander

Randy, do you have any leads to point to?

Wait for more, Alec!

Randy McCall

Nothing direct on the Net, unfortunately. Info on this topic as passed on by a friend in the security and protection world. I'll keep checking and see if I can' locate something.

Randy McCall

This could be what he was referring to:

Though it can't make phone calls, the use of a slider phone design would throw off LEOs looking for the older mono block cell phone stun gun design. Some reports on the slider story suggest the main screen still functioned, as opposed to the old models which have a picture pasted in place.

Bryan Alexander

Thanks for digging into this, Randy. Will have to keep an ear open for the meme.

Cellular Philippine Phone

Wow looks great..but do you think its safe?


wireless cell phone business

wow i have never seen anything like this. This is so cool and scary.

Samantha Cole

This is one amazing discovery! Making guns look like cellphones is a very creative idea. Technology truly has made it this far. However, as one downside of this technology, it's easier to disguise guns as cellphones. That would make it hard for the authorities to determine if a person is carrying a firearm or a legitimate cellphone.

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